Hi! If you’ve found this page, we beg your apologies for the mess. We’re still sorting patterns out by how much they need to be altered and deciding on colors of cloth! But bookmark us! When we’ve got everything figured out, and find our sewing pins, this page will cover everything from the very basics of sewing to making the finest court garb imaginable! Our content will be a mixture of video lessons and written instructions, so there will be something for everyone!

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Don’t know the first thing about sewing? Need to pick up a basic skill? Whether you’re struggling with seams, sewing in a straight line, or putting in drawstrings, here is the information you need on all sewing basics.

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Here is where you will learn information about making garb that will stand up to the rigors of the battlefield, and come through the mud in one piece. Learn some new tricks to make your field garb last longer.

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For those elegant pieces that you wear on special occasions when you really need to look the part, you need special skills. Here is the advice you need for getting all those extra little touches in place.

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We’re back! The relocation took longer than expected but we’re back in business now.


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Unexpected relocation orders, anyone? There will be a slight delay in site launching while we find a new place to call home.

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Patterns are the bread and butter of making garb of any sort. Whether you are looking for something simple and free, or have your eye on a particular pattern and want to check out its difficulty rating, this section features reviews on some of the most popular patterns on the market.

For those who like to work without a pattern, taking that extra step to make something that is completely your own, we have a repository of those free patterns here for you to use and work through. From basic T-tunics to wrap pants and apron dresses, you’ll find what you need here.

Along with tutorials on how to complete those complicated patterns and how to get those difficult pieces to come out looking just right. Learn everything you need to get your garb looking just right.

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